The Burnewiin FC5120 Fender Cleat, portrait view.
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FC5120 Boat Fender Cleat

The FC5120 Fender Cleat is a simple and elegant way to manage your fender mounting and storage with the benefit of having an integrated fender cleat. Permanently tie a boat fender to a 3/8" (10mm) line and loop the line through FC5120 to create a self-hitching assembly as shown in the instructions. (Line and fender NOT included). When mooring, just plug the FC5120 fender cleat into the appropriately located Burnewiin mount. The self-hitching line allows for simple fender height adjustments and the combination can be easily removed and stowed when necessary. Small boats get an additional fender cleat. (We do NOT recommend the use of the fender cleat for primary mooring of larger boats). You will also find there are all kinds of other imaginative uses for this product. Includes two fender cleats per package.
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