A fishing boat with a large Burnewiin logo displayed along the hull, a happy crew on deck, and loaded with Burnewiin products.


Let everybody know where you stand on quality

Stylish Burnewiin-branded wearables and swag are the perfect complement to days filled with memories created on the boat. Like everything we make, anything with the Burnewiin name is the highest quality available.
The Burnewiin BO7000 Bottle Opener, portrait view.

BO7000 Bottle Opener

The Burnewiin Port Side Trucker Hat, portrait view. with logo on the users left.

Port Side Trucker Hat

The Burnewiin Pro Staff 7-Panel Hat with the bird logo on the right.

Pro Staff 7-Panel Hat

The Burnewiin RL5353 Rod Leash, portrait view.

RL5353 Rod Leash

The Burnewiin TW1010 Burnewiin Towel, portrait view.

TW1010 Burnewiin Towel