Frequently Asked Questions

Mounts and Installation

This really depends on the construction of your boat (plywood-core gunwales? Foam/composite core?) and the intended application for that mount location.

Good question. It's always a safe bet to use the isolation gasket set when installing them on an aluminum boat. The GM400 composite mount does have a stainless plate on the bottom side that retains the latch and spring mechanism. While it is slightly recessed from the bottom surface of the mount, it could still come in contact with the surface of the boat. Another advantage to the G410 isolation gasket is that there are small 'protrusions' on the gaskets that keep the ¼-20 stainless hardware from contacting the aluminum hull material as well.

In some cases ... yes. The largest nominal size is 1-1/4" OD. Stainless rails are typically manufactured from tubing, which is specified by Outside Diameter. Most aluminum boat builders use pipe instead of tubing, which is specified by the Inside Diameter. One of the most common pipe sizes used is 1" pipe (usually what is called 'Schedule 40'> specification pipe) which ends up with an Outside Diameter of 1.30" ... just small enough for the RK300 rail kit to work in most cases.

Not currently. We'd be happy to work with you, your boat dealer/builder, or a fabricator to plan and locate plates onto your rail to accommodate our GM300 and/or GM500 though.

See the link here for a handy drawing of the mounting hole pattern: You can also print the drawing full-scale and take it to your boat for planning purposes...

The overall width of the GM400/GM650 mounts is approximately 4-1/4".We highly recommend heading to the product page and downloading the installation instructions by clicking on the 'PDF' icon/link immediately below the product image.

You can also access all downloadable files here.

Rod Holders

Electric reels have gained a ton of popularity in the past few years. Some models work better than others in the RH6650 and some (Tanacom 750 for example) can create a bit of interference between the power cord and the jaws of the RH6650 rod holder. We know that many customers have slightly modified their rod holders to fit better, but naturally cannot recommend any specific method. In some cases, there are some rods that work well with the Tanacom 750 depending on the size relationship between the reel seat and grip sections. We are currently working on a jaw re-design that will work with no modifications.

We do not currently make any risers for any of our rod holders. Take a look at some of the product pages for the rod holders and you will see that most models have much more rise than typical competitors’ product. Typically around 7-1/2" above the surface of the gunwale, depending on the model. This eliminates the need for any additional lift in many if not most cases. However, we have some designs in the works for some special situations that do arise occasionally ... stay tuned here.

No. It is not necessary to use our Reel Clamps with the RH6650. The addition of a Burnewiin reel clamp, however, will help maintain the rod/reel combination in an upright position which can be really nice when reeling up fish with the rod/reel left in the rod holder.

Downrigger Mounting

Yes indeed. The one mount that cannot accommodate our downrigger base (UM6080) is the GM400 composite flush-mount.

Currently we do not offer a locking mechanism. We have found that most customers like the security of removing the downrigger from their boat for storing and securing (inside a boat cabin, locker, or vehicle).

It depends ... there are two ways to mount a Cannon downrigger using our system:

  1. The UM6080 base matches Cannon’s Universal Mounting Base (which we commonly refer to as the 'dovetail' base) and you can bolt the two directly together. In this case, you would make use of our mount and the internal splines to adjust the rotational position of the downrigger.
  2. If you'd like to use the Cannon swivel base, then you also need to purchase the CN2207 Adapter plate, as the swivel base uses a larger hole pattern.

Cutting Boards and tables

Sure ... why not? In the past, we haven't offered our table legs directly to consumers as we like to make sure of the integrity and quality of products that are associated with our name. However, we do get quite a few requests for this product and have come to understand that there are a number of great reasons people would like to build their own table.

Not at this time.

Simply ... Yes.


Our BQ6600 marine grill mount is designed to work 'natively' with all Magma brand marine grills. (One exception is their new Crossover 'Overlanding' grill). The round 'Kettle' series grills thread directly into the center hole in the outer end of the BQ6600 and the rectangular grills all make use of the series of holes in the outer perimeter using the stock hardware supplied with the grill.

This is a very difficult question to answer, or rather, it's a very broad question that needs further clarification. Alternatively, we discuss strength in terms of the application for which it is intended. With rod holders, we conduct break testing to ensure that the weak-link in the whole system is the drag system on the reel. We do not want our products to be the weak link. However, some rod holders are naturally designed to accommodate larger-drag systems than others.