With the sun setting in the background, a stern view of the RH3740 Rod Holder is mounted on the port gunwale of a fishing boat.


We fish the way you fish

Can a rod holder increase your catch? If it’s by Burnewiin, it can. Whether you’re bottom-fishing halibut or grouper, trolling for salmon or sailfish or cranking on a tuna at the transom, our rod holders were designed for the challenge. Uniquely engineered for different fishing techniques, with full adjustability both vertically and horizontally and quick-release functionality, they share the uncompromising quality that only Burnewiin offers.
The Burnewiin RH5710 Rod Holder, portrait view.

RH5710 Rod Holder

The Burnewiin RH6650 Rod Holder, portrait view.

RH6650 Rod Holder

The Burnewiin RH3740 Rod Holder, portrait view.

RH3740 Rod Holder

The Burnewiin RH5100 Flush Rod Holder 30 degree, portrait view.

RH5100 Flush Rod Holder 30 degree

The Burnewiin RH8420 Stainless Steel Rod Holder, portrait view.

RH8420 Stainless Steel Rod Holder

The Burnewiin RC300 Reel Clamp, portrait view.

RC300 Reel Clamp

The Burnewiin RC600 Reel Clamp, portrait view.

RC600 Reel Clamp

Burnewiin owner Tom Anderson standing in a display booth providing an overview of the Burnewiin composite rod holders.

Rod Holders

An Overview

An overview of the three Burnewiin composite rod holders.