The Burnewiin RH8420 Stainless Steel Rod Holder, portrait view.
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RH8420 Stainless Steel Rod Holder

The RH8420 is the ultimate rod-rigger style rod holder available today. Made from solid investment-cast 316L stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror shine, it can handle heavy-load fishing applications. Whether high-speed trolling or deep dropping the RH8420 is designed to perform when chasing tournament winners.

Five vertical positions and a full 360 rotation in 22.5-degree increments horizontally place your rod in the perfect position every time. Add a 5,000 series Micro Cam-Cleat (The Cam Cleat is not included and is available from Ronstan or Harken RF-5000) to the pad on the right-hand side, and reliably tension a rod leash for kite fishing or protection against rod loss.The RH8420 is not compatible with the GM400 composite mounts.

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