Hungry fishermen gathered in the back of a boat to watch a man prepare the day's catch on a Burnewiin CB5420 Cutting Board.


A worksurface for every occasion

There will never be an instance on your boat when you don’t appreciate our handy, rock-solid Tables & Cutting Boards. Use them for rigging tackle and cutting bait or serving drinks and preparing food. They snap into two Burnewiin Universal Mounts on a gunwale, top of the transom, or on a rail. You can also add accessories like a knife and a flag holder or rod holders to the two corner mounts making these tables twice as nice.
The Burnewiin CB5420 Cutting Board, portrait view.

CB5420 Cutting Board

The Burnewiin CB3220 Cutting Board, portrait view.

CB3220 Cutting Board

The Burnewiin CB5315 Cutting Board, portrait view.

CB5315 Cutting Board

A Burnewiin sales representative demonstrates the versatility of the CB5315 Cutting Board in our product display booth.

Cutting Boards

An Overview

A comprehesive overview of the Burnewiin cutting boards.