Top view of installation hardware and accessories, including Burnewiin products, neatly presented on a boat storage cabinet.


Add strength and drain water

We engineered everything into our mounts and accessories, even added support and drainage options. Add our backing plates for increased strength or choose fittings to direct rainwater and runoff to a thru-hull or to the bilge pump. Get the job done right with Burnewiin hardware.
The Burnewiin BP620 Backing Plate, portrait view.

BP620 Backing Plate

The Burnewiin G410 Mount Gasket, portrait view.

G410 Mount Gasket

The Burnewiin DM4800 Drain Management, portrait view.

DM4800 Drain Management

The Burnewiin SM1 Straight Drain Fitting, portrait view.

SM1 Straight Drain Fitting

The Burnewiin EM1 Elbow Drain Fitting, portrait view.

EM1 Elbow Drain Fitting

The Burnewiin TM1 Tee Drain Fitting, portrait view.

TM1 Tee Drain Fitting