About Burnewiin

Burnewiin was born in the Pacific Northwest, where we live, work, and play in an environment of extremes. Whether 60 miles offshore chasing tuna, the Inside Passage, Alaska, or in the gut of the mighty Columbia River, we rely heavily on our gear and our boat. Even when talking fishing, each season and each body of water calls for it's own tactics and setups. And, while avid fishermen ourselves, the reality is that we might change up our activities every day.This is where Burnewiin shines.

Our quickly interchangeable systems allow you to reliably switch it up, whether you’re fishing, crabbing/shrimping, hanging at the sandbar, or taking friends and family on an evening cruise. Our top-of-the line products and mounting systems make moving from a fast paced day on the water to an evening cruise simple. To us, this is how you Wiin the day.

The Name Behind the Brand

BURNEWIIN  A Gaelic word meaning blacksmith or craftsman.  A literal translation might lead to ‘burn the wind’, a reference to the hot fires of the blacksmith’s forge -- the heart of the craft. The basis for our entire line of marine accessories and in fact, our company, was built on the notion of bringing back a sense of old-world craftsmanship that we can stand behind. One where build quality and lifespan mean something. Our premier quality marine accessories are at the confluence of purpose, function, look and feel.