Stern view of an aluminum fishing boat with Burnewiin Marine Mounts installed along the transom and gunwales.


Unleash your boat’s full potential

Imagine your boat as a cross-functional, multi-use platform that can transform in seconds to make the most out of every minute on the water. Whether you’re fishing, cruising or entertaining on your boat, installing Burnewiin Marine Mounts is the start to a better experience. Dependable Burnewiin Horizontal, Vertical and Rail Mounts exponentially expand your onboard amenities by allowing you to add accessories where you need them -- when you need them.
The Burnwiin GM650 Mount, portrait view.

GM650 Mount

The Burnewiin GM300 Mount, portrait view.

GM300 Mount

The Burnewiin RK300 Rail Mounting Kit, portrait view.

RK300 Rail Mounting Kit

The Burnewiin GM400 Mount, portrait view.

GM400 Mount

The Burnewiin GM500 Mount, portrait view.

GM500 Mount

Burnewiin owner Tom Anderson in a booth providing the basics of mounting downriggers using the Burnewiin mounting system.

Downrigger Mounting

An Overview

A comprehesive overview of Downrigger Mounting.