A close-up view of the Burnewiin KN3610 Fillet Knife and a fish, both on some rocks and waiting for meal preparation.


Store your knife where you use it

When you need a knife in a boat – you really need a knife. And nothing is more convenient than one of our trusty knives mounted within arm’s reach of the action. All our knives come in a protective sheath that locks into any one of our universal mounts, giving you the ability to locate knife safely on your gunwale, transom, pilothouse, or rail. They also lock into one of the onboard mounts included on our Tables and Cutting Boards.
The Burnewiin KN5690 7-inch Ocean Knife, portrait view.

KN5690 7" Ocean Knife

The Burnewiin KN5610 5-inch Ocean Knife, portrait view.

KN5610 5" Ocean Knife

The Burnewiin KN3610 7-inch Fillet Knife, portrait view.

KN3610 7" Fillet Knife