The Burnewiin RH6650 Rod Holder, portrait view.
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RH6650 Fishing Rod Holder

The RH6650 Rod Holder looks may be rather intimidating, but it is actually a very simple and effective rod holder. The rod will sit at both 45 degree and flat fishing positions at 22.5-degree horizontal angles. The universal rod loads from the top with the aid of a very slick over-center mechanism allowing the use of big rod butts for stand-up fighting. Totally overbuilt, injection-molded, glass-reinforced nylon makes it the first plastic rod holder that will handle the big gear. It accepts an impressive range of rods and reels very securely. As you might expect, it seamlessly inserts into Burnewiin universal mounts allowing full use of other Burnewiin boating & fishing accessories. Bottom line, the RH6650 rod holder is no toy and will become an essential tool for anglers that take advantage of its benefits.
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