A top view of the Burnewiin GM400 Mount on a gunwale with hands demonstrates the secure locking mechanism feature.

GM400 Mount

Composite Flush-Mount

57 seconds

Most Burnewiin accessories and adapters will work with the glass-fiber-reinforced GM400 Universal Mount.

A close-up view of the uninstalled Burnewiin GM650 Mount being held in the hands of a customer service technician.

GM650 Mount

Stainless Flush-Mount

66 seconds

The hand-polished investment-cast 316L stainless GM650 universal mount accepts all Burnewiin accessories and adapters providing the ultimate in versatility to boaters of all sorts.

RK300 Rail Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit

396 seconds

With the addition of the RK300 Rail Mount Kit, you can locate a GM300 or GM500 Mount on stern rails, bow rails, or even downrigger booms.

Close-up view demonstrating the Burnewiin RH3740 Rod Holder, with fishing rod, inserted into a GM650 Mount on a gunwale.

RH3740 Rod Holder

Spinning/Mooching Rod Holder

78 seconds

While its primary use is for spinning reels, the RH5710 works great with mooching reels, and doubles as a net holder when run in the vertical position.

A close-up view of the uninstalled Burnewiin RH5100 Flush Rod Holder 30 degree is held in the hands of a service technician.

RH5100 Flush Rod Holder 30 degree

Stainless 30-Degree Flush-Mount

32 seconds

If you need a traditional 30-degree flush-mount rod holder, the RH5100 is one of the best options out there. Solid investment-cast 316 stainless with styling to match our GM650.

RH5710 Rod Holder

Round Reel / Baitcaster Rod Holder

87 seconds

With its proprietary reel cradle and quick - adjust trigger for vertical angle, the RH5710 is the most reliable rod holder on the market.

RH6650 Rod Holder

Clamshell Style Rod Holder

174 seconds

The RH6650 Rod Holder looks may be rather intimidating, but it is actually a very simple and effective rod holder.

RH8420 Rod Holder

Stainless Steel Rod Holder

74 seconds

The RH8420 is the ultimate rod-rigger style rod holder available today.

FC5120 Fender Cleat

Fender Cleats - 3/8 inch Line

104 seconds

Quickly deploy fenders by placing the FC5120 in any available Burnewiin mount. No more stacking fender lines on the primary mooring clean/line. Uses your 3/8 inch Diameter lines.

A Burnewiin sales representative is standing on a boat and holding the Burnewiin FL6155 Flag Holder.

FL6155 Flag Holder

Stainless Flag Holder

34 seconds

Hand-polished investment-cast 316L stainless steel flag holders from Burnewiin make any boat look better.

A snapshot side view of the Burnewiin RL5353 Rod Leash being held in the hands of a customer service technician.

RL5353 Rod Leash

Rod Leash

27 seconds

Worried you’re going to lose that prized rod/reel over the side of the boat/kayak? Our web-strap rod leash attaches quickly and gives you peace of mind.

A Burnewiin sales representative is standing on a dock and holding the Burnewiin TW1010 Burnewiin Towel.

TW1010 Burnewiin Towel

Burnewiin Towel

23 seconds

Never wipe your hands on your pants again. The Burnewiin towel quickly attaches to the accessory hitching loop on our mounts and ensures dry hands and clean pants.