The Burnewiin TB5730 table legs pair, portrait view.
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TB5730 Table Legs, Pair

We’ve had a lot of customers ask for ‘just the legs’ so that they can display their own custom table, crab-pot platform, or anything else on their boat using their Burnewiin universal mounts. Well . .. here they are. The TB5730 is a pair of our pivoting table legs (more on the pivot part later) exactly like we use on our own 31.5” and 42” cutting boards. You won’t find a stronger mounting platform anywhere. Each leg pivots to make it easy for one person to install and remove tables from the mounts. Tension on the hub can be adjusted using the 316 stainless hub bolt and ny-lock nut. The top platform includes eight slots (four along each edge) and six holes to accommodate a wide range of fastening strategies. Let your imagination run wild and please . . . show us what you build.
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