The Burnewiin CB5420 Cutting Board, portrait view.
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CB5420 Cutting Board

The CB5420 (42" length) is the big brother to the CB5315 portable cutting board and provides plenty of room for rigging, filleting your day's catch, and/or extra space to handle the full entertainment spread when just hanging out. Functional, attractive and easily removable using any of the universal Burnewiin mounts. Includes two GM400 Mounts in the upper corners to accept any of the Burnewiin Knives, Rod Holders, or flag holder. All of these boating accessories and products work in harmony to enhance your fishing or cruising experience and look great at the same time. A very popular application is to run with the CB5420 on the transom (using any of our mounts) for handy rigging and bait prep. This allows two rod holders to run high in the corners of the portable cutting table getting your lines up above outboard motors.
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