The PACPRO Pacific Pro Line Hauler, portait view.
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PACPRO Pacific Pro Line Hauler

The new 'Burnewiin Version' Pacific Pro Line Hauler from Ace Line Haulers is an updated version of the long-proven design. This version bolts directly to the Burnewiin UM6080 Adapter (purchased separately), which is the same adapter used to mount downriggers in our gunwale mounts.

**NOTE:**  Please select which plug style you would like.  The units come standard with a Scotty Style Plug.  If you have Cannon style outlets in your boat, please select that option and we sill change plug styles for you no charge.

  • 110lb trap pulling capacity
  • Pulls 140’ per minute (with one trap on line)
  • Weighs 20lbs
  • Draws just 14-35 amps of power at 12V
  • Accommodates most line sizes
  • Tough powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Stainless steel components
  • Collapsible arm folds down quickly for compact storage
  • One-Year Warranty (provided by Ace Line Hauler)
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