The Burnewiin CB5420 Cutting Board, portrait view.
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SECOND | CB5420 Cutting Board | BLEMISH

This is a slightly blemished/factory 2nd CB5420 42" Cutting Board.  Your chance to get into one of our popular cutting boards and save some money.  Most of these tables have minimal scratches and/or abrasions (mostly in the main cutting surface) that make no functional difference in the table, and in fact are hard to see in some cases.  We will not accept any returns on any of these tables as they are being sold as-is with random imperfections here and there.  We cannot send photos or descriptions of any of the tables in this category as they all vary a bit.  Our suggestion would be that if you're going to cut fish right away on this table, you'll be stoked at the savings and pleasantly surprised with the condition.  If you're hoping to score a pristine table for a bargain, we'd suggest that you wait for the regular stock.

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